About Us

SANBAE is game development company

Out goal is to create brand-new game experience.

We try to focus on the game

core & rearrange another element for comfort.


At < LOST CAVE >, you get to step into the ruins where nobody has ever set foot in.

Your initial purpose was to find the forgotten historic remains; what you didn't know was that the Demon Lord himself dwells within the cave.
From there, you will be caught up in an unexpected event and get trapped.

Thankfully, you will come across a mysterious being who will aid your escape.
Stand together and stop the Demon Lord from its treacherous schemes.
Hero, I wish you a safe journey and good luck.


Battle against huge monsters

  Other Product  


Dim Light

Can you be the one to escape

from this pitch-black madness?
Horror adventure game

Dim Light (iOS, Android)

Dim Light VR (GearVR)



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